Do you wish that your car could stay cleaner for longer? How about bringing back that original factory shine that was once there? A quick and easy solution is to get us to apply a ceramic coating to your vehicle. The coating bonds to your vehicle’s surface and becomes an added layer of strong and durable protection between the elements you’re your vehicles finish. 



Over-time, your vehicle’s finish will begin to fade due to regular sun exposure and oxidization. Ceramic coatings will provide another layer of protection against this and keep it from fading away.


The coating’s hydrophobic capabilities means that water, dirt, and grime will have a tougher time sticking to the paint’s surface. This also means less time and money spent washing your vehicle.

Resistant to Chemicals

The coating also provides a layer of protection from salt and other fluids that can stain and ruin the finish of your vehicle.  

Glossy Finish

While ceramic coatings help keep your vehicle cleaner, they also have a finish that is shiny and glossy. As a result, your vehicle’s longer lasting wash will also look like it just came out of the factory. 

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